At Vinewood, we believe that we are called to Love God, Love People, and to Serve the community. This is best realized when we are “living at the intersection of truth and life.” We believe that the values and teachings of Jesus Christ are as true for us today as they were some two thousand years ago. It is when we live out Biblical truth in life that we are most able to accomplish our calling to love God, love people, and to serve the community around us.


It is our desire to instill in people a deep desire to love God – not just during our service on Sunday mornings, but during the week, in every moment of life. This begins by understanding how deeply God loves us. We can accomplish this by committing to:

The Truth:

Our starting point is God’s revealed truth (the Bible) and the living word (Jesus Christ) and so all our beliefs and practices are founded on the bedrock of God’s truth. We value studying the Bible and letting it inform, challenge, and shape our lives. Freedom: Through God’s revelation we learn about His incredible love for us, and because we fall short of His perfect standard, God provides forgiveness through the death of His Son, Jesus Christ. God’s grace gives us freedom, not just to gain eternal life, but that we need to live every day. Freedom in God’s grace frees us from the impossible task of pleasing God and living by our own efforts.


Worship is the response of a heart that has caught a glimpse of God’s glory and a taste of His amazing love. True worship is not going through the motions, but a real encounter with God through His Spirit. As a result we changed by the experience. Authentic worship fills an empty place in our hearts which only God can fill.

Life Change:

God invites us to come to Him just as we are, but He loves us too much to let us stay that way. As we draw closer to Him, He works through His Spirit to transform us in head and in heart, changing us by His grace in a way far deeper than we could ever change ourselves. Life transformation delivers us from the disappointment that we feel in ourselves and provides hope of becoming the people that we have always wanted to be.


The natural result of loving God is to embody his love for others, both in our church, and those out of it. Loving people is that hallmark to our working out of our faith. At Vinewood we accomplish this through:

Real Community:

We were never meant to live alone or in isolation. When we trust Him for salvation God makes us a part of His family and makes possible a fellowship that the world cannot know. Genuine community fulfills the deep need to belong, to both love and be loved.


God has not called us to be a community that stays behind the doors of our church, but rather to reach out, engaged in acts of service, literally acting as the hands and feet of Christ. We do this through:

Giving Back:

We believe that this generation has fresh approaches to share God’s timeless message in culturally relevant ways. We are called to share the Gospel through acts of compassion as we proclaim God’s love to all who are searing for real meaning in life. Giving back allows us the opportunity to make an impact for all eternity.