Living at the Intersection of Truth and Life

Vinewood is a spiritual community that strives to continually “live at the intersection of truth and life.” Almost every day we encounter intersections – whether we’re walking, biking, or driving. Intersections can be dangerous, chaotic, and sometimes scary, simply because they’re the epitome of the convergence of change. Intersections are the place where the usual parameters and givens in life are highly fluid. There’s no preplanning when it comes to crossing an intersection, one just hopes that everyone at the intersection will obey the traffic signals and our course will continue. We too, encounter spiritual intersections in life. These are the moments when things may seem confusing, where we are challenged, and where we may get shaken up to our core. The convergence of changing cultural values, political instability, and economic uncertainty add to our confusion as to how God and the Bible fit into our lives. We are at an intersection, oftentimes confused and wondering where God may be. And even though it may be scary and uncertain, it’s the place that God desires for us to be – living at the intersection of applying the truth of God and His word in our everyday lives. That is the concept we find in Scripture, in John 15, in the imagery of the Vine and the Branches. The lesson found there is that we are to be continually connected to the Vine, Christ. At Vinewood, our heart beats to that truth and it is our desire to daily flesh out what it means to be a Christian that lives at the intersection of God’s truth and our lives. We invite you to join us in this journey at Vinewood.


The purpose of this church is to fulfill the Great Commission of the Lord Jesus Christ by uniting the saints in the one true triune God, to build up one another, to spread the Gospel, to lead people to Christ, and to equip believers. Vinewood is the English ministry at Chinese for Christ, Berkeley. To see more information from the Mandarin-speaking congregation at CFC-Berkeley, please click here.